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    The Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet is an information retrieval service for low income families and individuals.

    The Online Packet is not affiliated with HUD or your local Housing Authority.

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      What is affordable housing? Low income and affordable housing application for Section 8 rent assistance online. Get Section 8 rental assistance application.

      What is affordable housing? How do I get Section 8 rent assistance?

      In order to receive Section 8 rental assistance online, one must be of a low income status according to what HUD considers to be low income. This is referred to as HUD's median low income level. Housing authorities must abide by certain mandates as they administer their Section 8 and Public housing programs. When a section 8 application is being accepted by your local housing authority, applicants are able to apply for Section 8 online or at the local PHA. An extensive waiting list for Section 8 is typical. A low income housing application is simply something people say when they are referring to Section 8 or public housing. What is affordable housing? Affordable housing is any type of subsidized rental assistance intended for a low income person or family.

      How do I get on a Section 8 waiting list?

      In just about every state, Section 8 waiting lists open and close very quickly. Applicants must be kept apprised of these openings in order to apply for Section 8 or Public housing before the waiting list closes. Any apartment can be called a Section 8 apartment if the landlord rents it to a Section 8 tenant. In other words, a dwelling, be it a house or apartment, can be rented to a Section 8 tenant if it meets with the local housing authority's check list concerning decent, safe housing. Sometimes the Housing Choice Voucher application is mistakenly called a Section 8 apartment application

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      How would changing the name of a website affect your business?
      This would pose massive SEO (search engine optimization) issues for It takes years for a website to obtain the search engine optimization that we have. There are so many other sites that offer information about how to obtain a low income housing application. It is important for a business to appear at the top of search engine results pertaining to certain keywords. If we "shut down", we would then have to build a new website. That in itself could take 6 months and cost thousands in losses and construction of a new site.

      Would it really be good business to cancel all of those accounts, meaning user log in information,the environments and personal info that they have uploaded to our blogs and our sub-domains. We have roughly 200,000 members. Keep in mind that we first went online 11 years ago in 2003. This is not a new organization.

      We would also like to site that our disclaimers make it perfectly clear that we are not a government organization. This can be viewed on the Apply Now page. You can't buy our packet without coming to that page. These disclaimers appear on our Our Terms of Service Agreement or Legal page, and on every page of our site.

      The confusion is actually coming from companies that are misleading people. We have given refunds to some BBB complaints from members that said they bought our packet and tried to find it again only to be asked to submit information to find out their credit score. So many search results for keywords like, HUD application. They had us confused with another company. As it has always been my policy, we issued a refund any way in the interest of good business. This is evident throughout our BBB complaint history. We have responded and issued refunds to any complain within 24 to 48 hours since 2008. You have to keep in mind our volume. We have roughly one thousand new clients per week now.

      The confusion happens when you type in anything pertaining to "section 8" in any browser. See the example below and note the top ads or the one's on the right side. These ads are saying things like: Buy applications online, apply for section 8 and get approved today and ect... that actually is fraudulent and we have never behaved like that. That's why we have been accredited since 2008 and held an A+ rating. It is a great challenge to find information on where to obtain a section 8 lottery application because most housing authority waiting list are closed. The demand for subsidized housing is enormous. We simply try to aid this need by providing an Online Packet that links our clients to open waiting lists across the country. This is where the real confusion is coming from. Please click the link below and visit some of the ad sites at the top. Note the URL's as well. Even has section 8 in their domain name, but they are like us, a real and reputable website. We would however, be willing to consider changing our DBA (doing business as name). This could mean changing our logo and tile. Maybe to something like, "Grants and Affordable Housing Info".

      Why does your site displays the Fair Housing Logo?
      Although we do not sell or rent houses or apartments, we do allow landlords to list properties for free on our website, Section 8 and otherwise. As part of our service, we bring landlords and potential tenants together in our Housing List blog. This is an area for rental listings and tenant information on what kind of housing they are looking for. Being advocates of the fair housing act of 1968, we do make this known by displaying this logo for landlords and tenants to observe. Perhaps in doing so, we make them aware of fair housing laws and regulations to fight discrimination, which is the purpose of the Fair Housing act and logo. Any landlord that has gone through the proper steps to accept a tenant that has completed a Section 8 housing application should know this.

      This is a quote from the official Fair Housing website on why the logo should be used. "Use of Equal Housing Opportunity logotype, statement, or slogan. All advertising of residential real estate for sale, rent, or financing should contain an equal housing opportunity logotype, statement, or slogan as a means of educating the home seeking public that the property is available to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. The choice of logotype, statement or slogan will depend on the type of media used (visual or auditory) and, in space advertising, on the size of the advertisement. Table I indicates suggested use of the logotype, statement, or slogan and size of logotype. Table II contains copies of the suggested Equal Housing Opportunity logotype, statement and slogan."

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