How to apply for Section 8 rent assistance online in Portland, Maine.

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How can I fill out a Section 8 rental assistance application in Portland, Maine?

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is perhaps the most well know rental assistance program in the United States. There are other programs that can help a low income person with their rent. Public housing allows a tenant to live in an apartment complex that a housing authority operates. This program only requires the tenant to pay about 30% of their monthly income towards their rent. The Section 8 program requires the same thing from the tenant, but allows the tenant to choose their own dwelling. Hence, Housing Choice Voucher Program, the operative word being choice.

How do I qualify and where can I apply for Section 8 rent assistance in Portland?

The only way to apply for Section 8 in Portland or any government subsidized rental assistance program in Portland is through the Portland, Maine Housing Authority. It is always free to apply online or at the PHA. Each state may have between 10 to 30 housing authorities. Just about every major city will have one, even smaller municipalities.

The actual name of the program commonly known as Section 8 is the Housing Choice Voucher Program. It is a federally funded program that subsidizes rents for eligible participants who rent units in the private market. It is designed to assist very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to rent decent, safe, and sanitary housing. A housing subsidy is paid directly to the landlord on behalf of a participating family. So what is Section 8 today? It is usually just referred to as Section 8 and is a rent assistance program designed to help low income families find decent and affordable housing. A housing authority or ministry of housing is generally a governmental body that governs some aspect of the territorys housing, often providing low rent or free apartments to qualified residents. The existence of government agencies specifically concerned with ensuring that housing is available to people living in the country is a comparatively modern development, with the first such agencies being established in U.S. cities in the 1930s, the height of the Great Depression.

      Portland Maine Housing Authority - Section 8 rent assistance
      14 Baxter Boulevard
      Portland Maine 04101

      Presque Isle Housing Authority - Section 8 assistance with rent assistance
      158 Birch Street
      Presque Isle Maine 04769

      Sanford Housing Authority - Section 8 and Public Housing rent assistance
      114 Emery Street, Suite One
      Sanford Maine 04073

      South Portland Housing Authority - Assistance with rent
      100 Waterman Drive-Suite #101
      South Portland Maine 04106

      SW Harbor Housing Authority - Section 8 rental assistance application
      Ridge Apartments - No Mail Delivery
      24 Village Green Way

Can I apply for Section 8 and Food Stamps at the same place?

No. You can only apply for Food Stamps at your local SNAP office. This will usually be an office in your local Human Resources division. Section 8 and the USDA do not overlap or actually have anything to do with each other. It is always free to apply for Food Stamps in Wichita Kansas, Portland Maine or anywhere in the United States as it is a government subsidized program.


Where can I find an open Section 8 waiting list in Portland, Maine?

Section 8 application Maine. Section 8 application for rent assistance in Portland, Maine.

The first step would be to locate Housing Authorities in Portland that have an open Section 8 waiting list. Keep in mind that every state has several Public Housing Agencies and you can be on several different waiting lists at once. The Section 8 application process is always free when applications are being accepted.

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